Arm of The Three Families
The organized crime of the area is run by three powerful families. They threaten to run the whole area by extortion and graft if left unchecked, and their enforcement is handled by a powerful man, known simply as the Arm of the Three Families.

Cannibalistic gangs living in the fringes of the desert who have come to believe that they can absorb the skins of those they eat.

“Ogre” McGee
A souped-up skin job built like a wall, has a tendency to go haywire.

Protocol B
The SHS population has reached untold levels, and living conditions are simply untenable. Population control is an unsanctioned corporate driven operation using brutal methods to keep that in check, and one such small group of experts is known as Protocol B.

Small gangs that will roll you for your tech.

The Hellhounds
Genetically-altered canines from a Synthesome experiment gone wrong.


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