Just see any ad and you know that no well-to-do person could survive without their daymaker. A small medical dispenser of stimulants, hallucinogens, downers, and other mind altering drugs. Just create a day plan, and it will dispense what you need as the day goes by.

A quantum phase device that, when properly installed to a ceramic lined doorway, allows it to become a gate to another nearby DDX portal.

Dead Man’s eWallet
A holographic chip in a sealed case containing personal and financial data.

Ring device imprisoning a person into a dream state, but allowing them function enough to respond to voice commands along with making them submissive. A known tool of law enforcement. Rumor has it illegal version have lingering effects on the victim’s brain.

The Necroscope’s Enigma
A digital passcode that allows one to access the necroscope, a massive supercomputer-driven holo simulation of “what was” with amazing accuracy. A powerful tool for sure, if the rumors are true.

The Zero Scrub
Nearly mythical genetic patch that is supposed to remove every skin adjustment a person has had, and probably turn them into protoplasm in the process.


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