• Doctor Know
    Former company executive turned black-marketeer.
    Favors: chop, fence, fix

  • Faust
    Formerly a g-neer and “Citizen in Charge of Oversight” for, now a back alley splicer and street doc.
    Favors: splice

  • Kat Trellins
    PR Director for Synthesome, and driving force behind most of the corporation’s decisions.
    Favors: date, ride, splice

  • Morgan
    Bartender at The Well.
    Favors: deal, fix, rig

Coax XXX

  • Ms. Cunningham
    Well known Dilettante and socialite.
    Favors: date, shark, deal

  • The Captain
    Older, well known captain of the local police force. Well respected and considered a good man, if not overtly outgoing.
    Favors: ride, shark


Technoir: Skin City Romance CJEdwards