Lance Manning

tough guy


Kreds: 1
Push Dice: 2


  • Bodyguard
  • Criminal
  • Soldier


  • Coax XX
  • Detect X
  • Fight XXX
  • Hack XX
  • Move XX
  • Operate X
  • Prowl XX
  • Shoot XXX
  • Treat XX


  • Patient
  • Clever
  • Tough


  • The Captain – loyal, debt: 10k
  • Doctor Know
  • Morgan – trusting

Connection Abuse at Start

  • Shark – The Captain

Items (18 cost)

  • Antique Pistol: loud, powerful
  • Duster (Shotgun): loud, scattershot
  • Knife: sharp, small
  • Ceramic Vest: ballistic armor
  • Cybereye: cam, display, nerve-linked
  • V.H.U: Optical Link, Holonomic, Mental Input

Lance left the Pendleton Military Industrial Complex for reasons he won’t talk about, and took up a life of crime for a short while outside Skin City. Eventually though, that got to him, and at Morgan’s suggestion, he moved to Skin City. Upon meeting The Captain, he was impressed by him and tried to get into the Seaport Detail, but was rejected because of his criminal past. Now he has taken a loan from The Captain and some odd bodyguard jobs around town to make ends meet. What will his fate be?

Lance is the kind of smartass that makes stupid jokes to cover up his lack of faith in his own abilities. However, he generally wears a smile regardless of his mood and is somewhat of a socialite.

Lance Manning

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